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    5th International contest Fairy Beads-2012. Kiev


    Winners of the contest


    5th International Contest
    "Fairy Beads - 2012.
    Creativity without boundaries ", Kiev

              Conditions of participation

    The edition of the magazine "Fashion Magazine" - "Fashion Handmade" invites masters to participate in an open International contest. Masters from all country can take part in the contest.

    Participants of the final part of the contest will be invited to take part in the 5th  International Exhibition "Masters’ golden hands," which will be held February 24-26, 2012. They will send photos of their works and will be selected by the results of pre-selection.
    Each participant (optional) will have an opportunity to present their contest work on the main stage of the exhibition personally or by prepared CD recording( Broadcasting on the screen of photos, music, history of creation).

    Each participant receives an opportunity to distribute their business cards and other promotional materials on the exhibition.

    When master – participant submiit an application he
    / she concludes a contract with the organizer that provided photos won’t returned and become property of the magazine for publication in the magazine "Fashion Magazine" - "Fashion Handwork," as well as on the magazine’s website.
    Final part of the contest will be held February, 24-26 in Kiev on the 5th  International Exhibition "Master’s golden hands" (Brovarsky Ave. 15, International Exhibition Center).
    Works will be placed in the showcases as a separate exposition.
    The equipment of the exhibition will be February, 24, from 4 p.m.
    Buyers can get works after the inspection of works by members of the jury February,24 after 5 p.m.

    Requirements for works:

    Contest theme "4 seasons"
    Each work must have a name, consonant with the theme of the contest, to reflect the theme and match the style of execution.
    The authors need to choose your own performance style from 4 offers!!
    - Baroque
    - Modern
    - High Tech
    - Classicism

    In the contest can take part works, made in 2011-2012.

    Technique is not limited !!!!!
    These materials are not less than 60% of the work.
    1. Beads.
    - Items of personal jewelry, toilet articles (rings, earrings, brooches, pins, bracelets, necklaces, pendants, necklaces, lockets, chains, powder boxes, mirrors, bottles, cufflinks, pins, hat, belt clip, tie clip, decorative buckle and so on).
    - Art objects and souvenirs (caskets, boxes, bags, sculptures, flower arrangements, toys, souvenirs, etc.).

    2. The wire. The crystals. Polymer Clay. Metal clay. The glass.
    - Items of personal jewelry, toilet articles (rings, earrings, brooches, pins, bracelets, necklaces, pendants, necklaces, lockets, chains, necklaces, etc.).
    - Art objects and souvenirs (sculptures, flower arrangements, toys, souvenirs, etc.).

    3. Leather. Soutache ribbon. The fabric. Synthetic and natural fibers. Felts. Ribbons.
    - Items of personal jewelry, toilet articles (rings, earrings, brooches, pins, bracelets, necklaces, pendants, necklaces, lockets, necklaces and pins for hats, buckles, decorative boxes, jewelry boxes, handbags, etc.).
    - Art objects and souvenirs (sculpture, flower and other songs, toys, souvenirs, etc.).

    4. Nomination "The new style - the opening of the year!"
    This implies the execution of work and at the same time opening a new, previously not invented, not common style, which in the future ..... probably will be popular and widely recognized.
    -Items of personal jewelry, toilet articles (rings, earrings, brooches, pins, bracelets, necklaces, pendants, necklaces, lockets, chains, necklaces, etc.)
    Art-objects and souvenirs. (Sculpture, flower arrangements, toys, souvenirs, etc.)

    5. Nomination "Crystal rhinestones, bijouterie stones, beads,sew stones, pendants, crystal pearls, crystals in metal frames, sew strips of crystals in the plastic / metal, caboshons"
    -Items of personal jewelry, toilet articles (rings, earrings, brooches, pins, bracelets, necklaces, pendants, lockets, chains, necklaces, etc.)
    Art-objects and souvenirs. (Sculpture, flower arrangements, toys, souvenirs, etc.)
    You have to use materials acquired in the
    Czech manufacturer company "PRECIOSA"
    Sponsor of the nomination Ltd. "Mirt Group", Kiev.  It represents a first-class products of the Czech manufacturer company "PRECIOSA".
    Prizes to the winners in nomination from the
    Ltd. "Mirt Group"

    Submitting the application and fee:

    Each participant may take part at any category and  submit any number of works.
    Fee is:
    1. Participation from 1 to 4 work - the equivalent is 40 USD.
    2. For each additional work - 5 USD.
    Participation fee must be received on account of the organizer no later than January, 25, 2012.
    For the participants and authors of publications of previous years - 15% discount.
    Participation in each category is paid separately.
    The amount of payment is distributed to participants for rent showcases, advertising campaign, the formation of the prize fund.
    Applications should be sent to:
    In the subject line  specify "MB-2012."
    Mailing address for CD drives: 02100, Kiev,  PO Box  99, "Magic Beads 2012."
    Applications should be sent not later than December, 25,  2011
    The application must include:
    1. Surname, first name,
    2. Full postal address
    3. The phone number for communication (home, work, mobile).
    4. E-mail, web site.
    5. Photo of the master (published in the catalog and magazine "Fashion Magazine" - "Fashion Handmade").
    6. Name of each work, list of materials used in their work, their number.
    7. Two or three photographs of each work: the general plan, details of work, back side of the work (image must be clear, the background light, monochrome, solid).
    Photos of works have be sent not later than January,25, 2012.
    Information for the catalog of participants:
    E-mail, website, phone number.
    Photo requirements
    Photos of works have be sent not later than January,25, 2012.
    Photos received after this date will not be considered.
    Two or three photos of each work: the general plan, the details of the product, back side.
    The image must be sharp, clear background, monochrome, solid.
    If you send your application by post you can send photo on CD or in print (10x15 cm).
    Digital photos with a resolution of 300 dpi, format - JPG or TIFF. The size of the file with a photo at least 1 megabyte.
    Submitted documents and photos organizer will not return.
    Grounds for disqualification:
    - A violation of time limits for photos;
    - Violation of the terms of payment;
    - No high-quality photos;
    - Are not permitted work, photographs of which were published in newspapers, online publications and Web sites.

    Prizes for participants:

    All participants of the contest will be awarded by honorary diplomas.
    Contestants may participate in the fair with 10% discount on rental of the exhibition stand. In each category will be determined by the 1st, 2nd, 3rd places.
    "People`s Choice Award" is determined by a vote of visitors during the first and second day of the exhibition. Counting of votes is conducted by an independent commission  from among the visitors of the exhibition.

    Prize place may take one work of one person.
    All works of the participant of the contest will be published in the magazine and on website of the magazine in the first six months of 2012.
    Information about the sponsors of the competition and valuable prizes for the winners will be published in № 12 (2011) and on the website.
    The works received prize places, will be exhibited by the magazine`s edition in Milwaukee (USA) during the BEAD & BUTTON SHOW-2012.
    Participation in the exhibition is organized by the edition of "Fashion Magazine".

    “Modern” should be distinguished  from a general sense of the word "modern" and from the conception of modernism. The main feature of the Modern style - decorative, the main motif – clambering plant, the basic principle - the assimilation of the natural handmade form and vice versa. This is reflected in the architecture, the details of buildings,in the ornament, which received an extraordinary development. The lines of the ornament carried the spiritual and emotional intensity and symbolic sense. The slogan of modern - "closer to nature." A characteristic feature - a complex system of ornament with stylized flowers and plants, and sometimes birds. Art of Modern is recognizable by abstract forms, but a living, organic, breathing and growing. The main expressive form and motif of Modern style became the line, but not straight, but flexible, lively, whimsical, elegant, soulful. Language of Modern art - are abstract forms, but living, organic.

    "Baroque". In the Baroque combined the two concepts, namely: style and way of life. The distinctive features of the Baroque are the spatial scope, grandeur, magnificence and luxury, splendor, the solemnity, dynamic, life-affirming character. Baroque art characterized by bold contrasts of scale, light and shadow, color, combining reality and fantasy. The peculiarity of the Baroque - no respect of the Renaissance harmony for more emotional contact with the audience.
    It should be noted that the variability and a game of images of this style you can compared with sea shell, in honor of which will be named this style. Baroque – this is plasticity of the forms used in decorating of jewelry, fancy ornate designs and patterns as well as heoght, bulk ans superiority

    "Classicism". At the heart of classicism is the ideas of rationalism, which were formed simultaneously with the same ideas in the philosophy of Descartes. The work of art in terms of classicism must be based on a strict canon, thereby revealing the harmony and consistency of the universe. Classicism characterized by a strict-discipline, poise, clarity and harmonious manner. The main symptoms - severe repetitive lines, smooth generalized picture, symmetry and simplicity. Classicism inherent in beautiful geometric forms, restrained decor, expensive materials. At the heart of classicism are the ideas of rationalism. Predominant colors: vivid colors, green, pink, purple with gold accents, sky-blue.

    "High-tech". All the interior, carried out in this superb modern style, are made by only the most new, high-performance technologies. It should be noted that in this style, specially exhibited for show the following elements: pipes, valves, air ducts, elevators, bridges, beams, trusses, cables, and many others. High-tech is characterized by strict, geometric, simple and concise manner. Using straight lines and shapes, the widespread use of glass, plastic, metal, using a silver-metallic color, the use of elements of constructivism and cubism.



    The winners of the International contest "Fairy beads -2012"


    Contest Grand Prix

    Nadiya Gerber, Germany



    "Spring awaking"

    "Winter park"

    "When poppies fade"

    Nomination "Beading"

    1st place:

    Elena Vasilishina, Ukraine,



     Elena Golovchenko, Ukraine, Lugansk



    Galyna Musurivska,
    Ukraine, Chernovtsy


    Irina Chikineva,
    Moscow, Russia


    Nomination "Art objects"


    1st place-
    Tatiana Pastukh, Ukraine,


    2nd place -
    Svetlana Yaremchenko,Ukraine,



    3rd place -
    Alexandra Tokareva, Ukraine,



    Nomination "Crystal components "Preciosa"


    1st place–
    Ekaterina Nemets, Ukraine, Kiev


    2nd place -
    Nataliya Savelieva, Ukraine, Vinnytsia


    3rd place –
    Irina Chikineva, Moscow, Russia





    Nomination "Leather. Soutache ribbon. Fabric.
    Natural and synthetic fibers. Felt. Ribbons"


    1st place –
    Nataliya Spikina, St.Petersburg, Russia

    2nd place –
    Mariana Mykhayluk, Ukraine,


    3rd place –
    Svetlana Karimova, Poland