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5th International Handmade Show "Golden Hands of Masters"


5th International Handmade Show ‘Golden Hands of Masters’

On February 24-26, 2012 ‘Fashion magazine’ Editorial Board organized V International Handmade Show ‘Golden Hands of Masters’ and 5th International Beading Contest ‘Fairy beads-2012’, both held in the International Exhibition Centre, Kiev.
It was a real Festival of creativity and beauty! All the visitors got fresh funds of vital energy; people were making acquaintances, inventing new projects. Masters were finding connoisseurs of their art and customers were buying souvenirs and exclusive presents. Well-known designers were sharing their experience and beginners could get encouragement and assertiveness.
There were lots of classes held within the Show, taught by teachers from Ukraine, Russia, Great Britain and Holland.
The exhibition presented both traditional and new directions in the field of hobby and leisure. Here you could not only enjoy the beauty, but also choose a favorite occupation and try to make a project of your own during the classes. People could obtain some useful information regarding new products for a hobbies and handwork as well as get some advice.

During the Show, the project called The Cultural Map of the World (started in August, 2011) was going on. It is devoted to the 20th Anniversary of Independence of Ukraine. Its author is Tatiana Protcheva, the famous Ukrainian embroidery artist and director of the first Ukrainian interactive museum of luminous embroidery.

The final part of ‘Fairy Beads-2012’ contest took place during the Show as well. Twenty four designers from Ukraine, Russia, Germany, Poland and Kazakhstan took part in it. People could try on and buy collectible masterpieces of handmade beauty.
There also were different classes on various kinds of handwork, taught by well-known artists from Ukraine, Russia, England and Holland.
About six thousand visitors came to see the Show. Seven TV channels and nine newspapers and magazines reported the Show. Lots of companies and online shops sold their products for handwork.

To make a long story short, events of this kind bring joy, inspiration, desire for creation and making beauty.
We`ll be glad to see you during our 6th International Handmade Show ‘Golden Hands of Masters’, which will be held in September 2012.