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About exhibition

Dear lovers of needlework and creativity!

We are glad to inform you about our forthcoming meeting on XVII International Handmade Trade Show «Craft. Business and Hobby» and XV International doll and Teddy bear show «Fashion Doll»! «Craft. Business and Hobby» is not only new ideas, creative projects, pleasant meetings and new opportunities. It is also a wonderful and inspiring event! This is a real celebration!

XVII International Handmade Trade Show «Craft. Business and Hobby» will take place on October 20-22, 2017 in the International Exhibition Center of Kyiv (Brovarsky Avenue, 15, pavilion No. 1A).

The exhibition will be attended by manufacturers and stores of goods for needlework, creative workshops and studios, as well as Ukrainian and foreign craftsmen, artists and designers.

The program of the exhibition:

- Presentation and sale of materials and tools for needlework.
«Hobby market» is an area of goods for a hobby. Participants of the section - manufacturers and stores of handicraft goods, will present a wide range of modern materials and accessories for various kinds of creative hobbies and handicrafts. New, colorful and unique schemes and sets for embroidery, industrial and household sewing equipment, yarn of its own production, fabrics, threads, accessories, and much more can be purchased wholesale and retail.


- Exhibition-sale of author′s works.
Masters from different corners of Ukraine and from other countries present their work performed in all kinds of needlework techniques: felting, patchwork, knitting, beading, various embroidery techniques, decoupage, quilling, manufacturing of designer jewelry and accessories, batik, making leather and natural fabrics, аs well as a variety of techniques for making dolls and Teddy bears.

- Catwalk shows.
Within the «Minute of Glory» show on the main stage there will be shows of collections of author′s ornaments and clothes.

- Contests and lotteries.
During the exhibition the final rounds of the competitions will be held:

• XVI International competition « Fairy beads -2017»
• VII All-Ukrainian competition of children′s works «Fairy beads»
XV International Contest «Fashion Doll» (exposition of works in the nominations «Original shape of a doll» and «Original image of a Teddy bear»)


Also, the work will be shown and the winners of the competitions will be awarded:
• Competition «Art-quilt. Drawing with a cloth»

- Business program.

During the days of the exhibition, workshops will be held for beaders and creators to develop small businesses.

- XV International doll and Teddy bear show «Fashion Doll».

The project presents works by artists, masters, Teddists from Ukraine and other countries, including author collection, boudoir and interior, authors toys and Teddy bears, made in various techniques.

- VII Festival of Felting «Fairy felt».

Within the program of the festival, there will be shows of collections of clothes and accessories made from wool by Ukrainian designers.

- VI All-Ukrainian knitting festival «Knitting and crocheting with Love».

Within the program of the festival there will be shows of collections of knitted clothes and accessories of Ukrainian designers

- Festival «Fairy patchwork».

The festival will demonstrate the achievements of Ukrainian and foreign designers.

- Specialized salon «World of Glass».

Participants will be presented with tools, equipment, materials for fusing, lampblack, and also ready-made works that can be purchased.

- Academy of needlework and creativity.

The project includes master classes from experienced masters and designers not only for adults, but also for children. Subjects of the master classes: beadwork, crochet bead crochet, felting, sutra embroidery, ankars, polymer clay, chain weaving, decoupage, embroidery with beads and paillettes, making dolls.

Visitors of the exhibition will be able to purchase author′s works, exclusive gifts and souvenirs directly from the masters, get acquainted with the creativity of Ukrainian and foreign designers, and take part in master classes and competitions.

Exhibition Organizer: Editorial Board of Fashion Handicraft magazine.

«Fashion Handicraft» - a magazine for learning how to work with beads, crystals and other materials. In each issue of the idea of creating designer jewelry and art objects, schemes, descriptions, detailed instructions, the academy of beadwork for beginners, the publication of works by experienced and novice masters, reporting on exhibitions and events in the world of creativity and needlework.

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