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     Dear friends!

    There will be held contests “Fairy beads”, “Beaded exclusive”, “Fashion doll”, etc on our Festival.

    Contest – it is an opportunity to present yourself as a master, to become famous, to get an opportunity
    to publish your works in the magazine.  

    XIII International contest “ Beaded exclusive-2019. At the premiere inLa Scala”

    XXII International trade show “Craft. Business & Hobby”


    We invite you to take part in the XIII International contest of designer`s jewelry and products “Beaded exclusive-2019. At the premiere in La Scala”.

    The contest theme – “At the premiere in La Scala” – was chosen for the season autumn 2019 by the editors of “Fashion Handicraft” magazine.

    Teatroalla Scala – the world famous opera house in Milan (Italy), founded in 1778 – one of the most beautiful buildings in the world with gilded and decorated with stucco walls, huge mirrors, red velvet chairs, acoustics that have become a legend of the century, brilliance and luxury. La Scala is a real temple of art, which all connoisseurs of beauty strive to visit at least once in their life.

    We invite you to plunge into the theatrical world of luxury of the very heart of Milan, creating and presenting to the visitors of the trade show exclusive designer jewelry and products, worthy to be dressed for the season premiere!


    Contest nominations:

    1.             Nomination “Beads and crystals”. Jewelry made from seed beads (Toho, Miyuki, Matsuno, Preciosa, etc.) and crystals / decorative beads / pearls (Swarovski, Preciosa, Les perles par Puca, etc.) / semi-precious stones: rings, earrings, brooches, bracelets, beads, pendants, necklaces, medallions, chains (at least 70% of seed beads).

    2.             Nomination “Beads and textiles”. Products from seed beads (Toho, Miyuki, Matsuno, Preciosa, etc.) and textile materials: rings, earrings, brooches, bracelets, beads, pendants, necklaces, medallions, handbags (at least 10% of seed beads + beads + soutache ,shibori ribbon, lace, fabric, waxed cords, twine, leather, etc.).

    3.             Nomination “Beads and metal”. Jewelry from seed beads (Toho, Miyuki, Matsuno, Preciosa, etc.) and metal: rings, earrings, brooches, pins, bracelets, beads, pendants, necklaces, medallions, chains, (seed beads + beads + wire, chains, metal inserts, filigree, forging, soldering, stamping).

    All participant*s works of the contest “Beaded exclusive-2019. At the premiere in La Scala” will be presented as a separate exposition on a special stand in the pavilion on the days of the XXІІ International trade show “Craft. Business & Hobby” (October 18-20, 2019). For a completed presentation of works, please, provide the necessary related accessories: stands, mannequins for jewelry, etc., as well as a photo for an example of placement.


    Requirements for exh ibits.

    Evaluation Criteria

    - possibility of wearing;

    - creativity and originality of design;

    - quality and professionalism;

    - the level of technical complexity;

    - the number of used techniques;

    - a harmonious solution in the selection of colors and materials used.


    Contest prizes.

    If there are less than 5 works in the nomination and less than 4 participants, the prize is not awarded. An independent jury will be created to assess and select the winner of each nomination.

    There is only one winner in each nomination, the prize for which will be provided by the organizer together with partners and sponsors.

    All participants will be awarded with diplomas.


    The terms of participation.

    By submitting anapplication, the participant confirms that he carefully studied and agreed to the terms.

    Each participant can submit any number of their works in different nominations of their choice.

    Any designer can take part in the contest, regardless of country of residence. Participation in the XXIІ International trade show “Craft. Business & Hobby” (October 18-20, 2019) is not a prerequisite for participation in this contest.


    Application and photo requirements.

    Application for participation in the contest and photos of works must be submitted before October 07, 2019 by mail, specify in the subject line “Beaded exclusive, name of the participant”.

    The organizer accepts information from participants as reliable and is not responsible for errors in the application of participants.

    Each work must have a title and must be assigned to a specific nomination.

    The organizer has the right to change the nominations for the contest works, in case of non-compliance with the conditions of the contest or to disqualify without returning the cost of participation.

    To participate in the contest are not allowed to works, which won prizes in other contests.

    When submitting an application, the participant agrees with the condition that thereby transfers the right to publish his work in the “Fashion Handicraft” magazine.

    For each work a separate application is filed (see application form) with obligatory photos of the work (front and back sides, close-up details) and a photo of the participant

    Photo requirements:

    – at least 3-5 photos of each work (general plan, back side, close-up details from the front and back side);

    –the image should be clear, the background is light and solid (preferably white, light gray);

    –digital photos with a resolution of 300 dpi, format - JPG or TIFF. File size with a photo of at least 1 MB.


    Cost of participation.

    Cost of the contest participation is USD 15 (for one to two works) and USD 25 (for three to five works).

    Payment is made based on organizer*s invoice.

    Payment must be done before October 14, 2019. 


    Special terms.

    For subscribers of the “Fashion Handicraft” magazine for 2019 (a copy of the subscription receipt for 12 issues) - a discount on participation of 20%.

    For participants of the contest “Fairy beads-2019. Dreams shades” of XXI International trade show “Craft. Business & Hobby” (April 5-7, 2019) – a discount on participation of 10%.

    With the consent of the participant all the exhibits of the contest can be displayed to sell, taking into account 10% commission in favor of the organizer.


    Delivery of the contest works

    The works must be delivered and taken back by the author or authorized person on their own.

    Installation - October 17, 2019 from 15.00 to 18.00.Dismantling - October 20, 2019 from 17.00 to 18.00.

    The shipment of works by the company “Nova Poshta” to the organizer is possible by prior agreement, but no later than October 13, 2019. All shipping costs (to the organizer and back) are borne by the participant.

    “Fashion Handicraft”

    PO Box 99, Kyiv

    02100, Ukraine


    “Nova Poshta”

    Office № 71,Kyiv


    Recipient  Ivantsiv Petro

    Cell +38 068 100 35 59


    Yuri Shumansky

    Editor-in-chief “Fashion Handicraft” magazine

    Organizer of Int. trade show “Craft. Business & Hobby”


    Application form of the contest “Beaded exclusive-2019. At the premiere in La Scala”

    Name of the author*

    Author*s mailing address * (for sending magazines with publication)

    Cell phone *
    Work title*
    Size of work (composition), cm *

    Materials (size of seed beads, beads, sequins, cabochons, wire diameter), their number (length)*


    Essay on the topic "I and my creativity" up to 400 characters*


    Reference to the use of master classes, schemes (indicate the Internet resource, the name of the print edition (issue number, year of publication), the title of the work, the author of the publication)


    Price, UAH**


    Separate file provided:

    – photo of the participant;

    – photos of each work (general plan, back side, close-up details)

    * All fields must be filled.

    ** Specify the price with a 10% commission.

    If the work is not for selling, fill down – “Not for sale”