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Dear friends!
You can apply your application for participation in International Handmade Show "Craft. Business & Hobby" right now. 

April, 13-15, 2018
The XVIII exhibition “Сraft. Business and Hobby” will be held

It takes place with doll exhibition in the International Exhibition center of Kyiv, 15 Brovarsky Ave., Hall 1-C. 
Themes and parts of the exhibition:
-“Hobby Market” - main component of the exhibition. 
Here, companies-producers of Ukrainian materials and distributors of materials for handicraft and creativity present something new for needlework, hold tutorials for using new materials, tools, tell about new world tendencies in handicraft.
It is a wonderful opportunity for businessmen to meet partners, make wholesale orders, test new materials and know the opinion of customers.
Visitors will assess the work of companies and producers, the quality of service and tutorials. The second tour of contest-battle “Handicraft – is everything for us” will be held in April, 13-15.
The series of seminars, tutorials, workshops about different handicraft topics and testing of new materials will take place.

“Fairy beads” Festival + “World of glass” will traditionally present the designers of beading and authors` jewelleries, “Lampwork” and stained-glass masters.
Final part of “Fairy beads” contest among professionals and children will be held. The series of Ukrainian and foreign authors` jewelleries and accessories shows are planned.
-“Fairy patchwork” Festival gathers the distributors of fabrics, sewing equipment and patchwork masters.
“Art-Quilt. Draw with fabric” traditional contest invites the masters.
The workshops by professional patchwork masters will be held.
-“Fairy felting” + “Needles and hooks” Festival.
Topic - “Summer felt and Open work”
The exposition combines the wool and yarn producers, clothes and shoes, items of natural wool designers.
The series of summer collection clothes shows by Ukrainian and foreign designers will be held in terms of the festival.
The special guest of the festival is Iryna Honcharova. A theatre designer of costumes, an organiser of the festival “Carnival of masters” will present a report.
The round table will take place. The topic is “Create author`s collection. Secret sources of inspiration and exclusive”
- Fashion show + “Minute of fame”. During the days of exhibition companies and masters will be given an opportunity for presentations on the main stage of the exhibition. 
- The contest “Magic of embroidery” will be firstly presented as a separate exposition.
Embroidery is very popular type of handicraft and a wonderful hobby. We`ll give the opportunity to the amateurs and professionals to present their masterpieces to the public. 
To participate we ask to fill in the application.
The organizer of the exhibition is an editorial staff of the Fashion Handicraft” magazine
On the website of the magazine “Fashion handicraft” you will find:
- general conditions of participation,
- application forms for artists and masters,
- conditions of participation in the contest
- timetable of workshops
We offer bonus program for our regular participants, who make a great investment into the development and popularisation of handicraft and creative hobby on our exhibitions.


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