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Exhibition-sale "Parade of Gifts"

December, 14-16, 2018

IEC, Kyiv, 15 Brovarsky Ave, Hall #3A

Exhibition-sale "Gift Parade",dedicated to the New Year and Christmas holidays,took place at the International Exhibition Center in December, 14-16, 2018. 125 masters, designers, artists, companies, shops, studios and workshops from all over Ukraine took part in the exhibition.

The following thematic sections were presented in terms of the exhibition:

- unique and exclusive designer dolls, Teddy and their friends, clothes, shoes and other handmade accessories for dolls, a diverse selection of miniatures for doll houses;

- handmade products made in the felting technique, author*s designer clothes, shoes, belts, hats;

- refined and unique author*s jewelleries, sets for embroidery, as well as for other types of creativity and hobbies;

- Christmas decorations and attributes, festive decorations and many other useful gifts.

The main decoration of the exhibition was a fabulous themed photo zone, which was prepared and decorated by the representatives of the company "Florial", there guests could take pictures and get pleasant memories from visiting the exhibition.

Traditionally famous Ukrainian companies and shops, such as TM "Lyudmila", "VDV", "BRVSK" and others, provided an opportunity for visitors to purchase goods for art and hobbies, findings, fabrics, embroidery pictures, seed beads and beads, and many more.

For the first time, the company "Beautiful Present" took part in the exhibition, whose representatives prepared and held a master-show for all visitors of exhibition on the packaging and decoration of New Year*s gifts on the main stage. Also, the company presented at its booth a huge assortment of handmade boxes, paper, designer postcards, other related materials for packaging and a diverse selection of Christmas souvenirs and New Year*s dеcor.

A charity campaign contest "Give children a fairy tale" was heldAmong the Ukrainian companies and stores. To participate in the campaign, such companies as the "All-Ukrainian Framing Workshop", "Nova Sloboda", PE "Morozov", PE "Alexandra Tokareva", "Art Beads", "Tvorchi tkanyny", "BrickPrint", TM "Diamond Mosaic", TM "Lyudmila", "Purple Fox", "Cryviossa", "Beautiful Present", "Charivna Mit" presented Christmas tree decorations, sets for embroidery, handicraft and creativity of the New Year and Christmas themes, which were officially handed over to representatives of the orphanage "Pearl".The company "Nova Sloboda" waswinner of the contest-action, received a prize from the organizers - a booth measuring 3 sq.m. at the next exhibition "Handicraft. Business and Hobby", which will be held in April 2019.

During the exhibition in December, 15, 2018, the Winter Ball "Fairy Tales of the World" contest of carnival costumes and fantasy images was held on the main stage, where Ukrainian designers presented images of their favorite fairy-tale characters. The independent jury chose three winners, Olga Kryzhanoskaya, Victoria Radasheva and Julia Bogdan. All participants received commemorative diplomas and gifts from the organizers and beauty partner of the exhibition, Oriflame company, which makeup artists created amazing make-up images for fairy-tale characters.

It should also be noted that at the grand opening of the exhibition and during the Winter Ball "Fairy Tales of the World" contest, children*s groups of the Red Feoxes cheerleading studio presented a show, their performance skills, choreographic and incendiary actions did not leave anyone indifferent.

On 15 of December, 2018, the film company Kazka Production presented the Ukrainian fantasy film "Only miracle" at the exhibition, a family Christmas fairy tale, the events of which take place during the Little Ice Age. Visitors were expected to meet the actors of the film, to see a thematic photo zone, as well as an exposition of the costumes of the characters from the episode "Carnival", which were created by the famous Ukrainian designer Aina Gasse.

Shows of Ukrainian designers* collections were held on the main stage of the exhibition with the participation of models of the Association of Children*s Fashion. Also, there was a display of the author*s collection of clothes and accessories by designer Natalia Mkrtchyan, the models for the presentation of which were from the orphanage "Perlynka".

In addition, all visitors expected a win-win lottery with prizes and gifts from the organizers of the exhibition.

We are waiting for you at our next events: the exhibition-sale "Handicraft. Business and Hobby" and salon designer*s doll "Fashion doll", which will be held in April 2019!


Dear friends!
You can apply your application for participation in International Handmade Show "Craft. Business & Hobby" right now. 

April, 13-15, 2018
The XVIII exhibition “Сraft. Business and Hobby” will be held

It takes place with doll exhibition in the International Exhibition center of Kyiv, 15 Brovarsky Ave., Hall 1-C. 
Themes and parts of the exhibition:
-“Hobby Market” - main component of the exhibition. 
Here, companies-producers of Ukrainian materials and distributors of materials for handicraft and creativity present something new for needlework, hold tutorials for using new materials, tools, tell about new world tendencies in handicraft.
It is a wonderful opportunity for businessmen to meet partners, make wholesale orders, test new materials and know the opinion of customers.
Visitors will assess the work of companies and producers, the quality of service and tutorials. The second tour of contest-battle “Handicraft – is everything for us” will be held in April, 13-15.
The series of seminars, tutorials, workshops about different handicraft topics and testing of new materials will take place.

“Fairy beads” Festival + “World of glass” will traditionally present the designers of beading and authors′ jewelleries, “Lampwork” and stained-glass masters.
Final part of “Fairy beads” contest among professionals and children will be held. The series of Ukrainian and foreign authors′ jewelleries and accessories shows are planned.
-“Fairy patchwork” Festival gathers the distributors of fabrics, sewing equipment and patchwork masters.
“Art-Quilt. Draw with fabric” traditional contest invites the masters.
The workshops by professional patchwork masters will be held.
-“Fairy felting” + “Needles and hooks” Festival.
Topic - “Summer felt and Open work”
The exposition combines the wool and yarn producers, clothes and shoes, items of natural wool designers.
The series of summer collection clothes shows by Ukrainian and foreign designers will be held in terms of the festival.
The special guest of the festival is Iryna Honcharova. A theatre designer of costumes, an organiser of the festival “Carnival of masters” will present a report.
The round table will take place. The topic is “Create author′s collection. Secret sources of inspiration and exclusive”
- Fashion show + “Minute of fame”. During the days of exhibition companies and masters will be given an opportunity for presentations on the main stage of the exhibition. 
- The contest “Magic of embroidery” will be firstly presented as a separate exposition.
Embroidery is very popular type of handicraft and a wonderful hobby. We′ll give the opportunity to the amateurs and professionals to present their masterpieces to the public. 
To participate we ask to fill in the application.
The organizer of the exhibition is an editorial staff of the Fashion Handicraft” magazine
On the website of the magazine “Fashion handicraft” you will find:
- general conditions of participation,
- application forms for artists and masters,
- conditions of participation in the contest
- timetable of workshops
We offer bonus program for our regular participants, who make a great investment into the development and popularisation of handicraft and creative hobby on our exhibitions.


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