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New issue of the magazine has been published!!

Fashion Handicraft #4 2018   

You can find translation to all articles and descriptions in English.

You will find in the issue:

  • Brightful and unusual necklace by Natalia Shjkodova (Prague, Chech Republic)
  • Jewelleries with a new ideas of the beaded beads from Svetlana Dubinskyi (Israel) and Svitlana Dobrieva (Kharkiv)
  • Big collection of brooches in different technique by Tatiana Cherniavska
  • Everyday jewelleries by contestants of the "Fairy Beads" children`s contest
  • Name of the Issue: Secrets of the success of Svitlana Polvaniuk
  • Workshop of beadwork "Olonets motives" - a pendant "Butterfly" from Tatyana Bobrovich; bracelet with beads «Les perles Puca»
  • Extramural beading academy: Lesson 6: “Right angle weave stitch” (part 2)
  • The terms of the contest "The Time of Connecting Threads" (Yakutia)



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