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Guidelines for submitting of the material

Terms of acceptance of works and master classes for publication

Authors master classes and works are accepted for publication. When using schemes - be sure to specify the author.

Master-class can publish each master, observing all the requirements for the design of the work.

The editors reserve the right to edit your material without changing its content.

Copyright for the materials of the master classes are reserved for the authors.

The authors of the work are responsible for the observance of the copyright of third parties.

If complaints are received that the work is partially or completely borrowed from another author, the reference to which is not given in the text, then the editorial staff reserves the right not to accept such work for publication.

Also, the editors reserve the right to reject the works in case the photos contain the following information:

- links to websites and contacts of the author

- presence on the photo of logos, inscriptions, dates

- Poor photo quality.

If you have any questions, you can ask them by sending an email to the


Requirements for materials for publication

1. In the subject line write "Publication in the Journal". In the letter it is necessary to specify the authors name, the title of the work, also, a file with schemas or a master class must be attached. Schemes can be drawn in pencil and send a picture of the drawing.

2. For MK - it is necessary to number the photos and refer to the photo number in the text, the links to the photo number should be inserted according to the text, in accordance with the stages of the work performance. If during the work you repeatedly refer to a photo, then this information should be indicated each time.

3. The texts are accepted as WORD files. Files of other formats (pdf, txt, etc.) presentations are not accepted. Send photos in the attached file without inserting them into a text document.

4. The master class should be photographed step by step on a white (light gray) background (if the subject is a white color, then it can be on a different background).

5. Photos must be at least 1 MB in size.


Structure of the publication or master class

A publication or a master class should necessarily include:

- photo of the author of the work

- a short text card of the author about himself and his work (900-1500 characters)

- job title

- tools and materials (description and photo)

- a step-by-step description of the process, with illustrations on the text (photo / drawing)

The first photo is a photo of the finished work that is proposed to be performed.

The second photo is the materials and tools needed to work.

Next, the steps of the master class from the first to the last step.

Photos should be accompanied by competent comments of the process.

As a bonus, the authors of publications get the opportunity with a 15% discount:

- participate in the International Handmade Show "Craft. Business and Hobby"

- participate in the shows during the exhibition.

- issue an editorial annual subscription to the magazine

The discount will be added at the discount of the permanent participant.