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                                           4 th International contest Beaded exclusive – 2013

   We invite you to take part in the International contest “Beaded exclusive”

Conditions of participation
By submitting an application, the participant confirms thereby that carefully considered and agreed with the terms and conditions.

Designers from all countries can take part in the contest. The participants of the final part will be invited to take part in the International contest “Beaded exclusive”.  It will be held on October 18-20, 2013. Kiev, Brovarskoy avenue 15, International Exhibition Centre. The works will be exhibited by separate exhibition.

The purpose of the contest is popularization of design seed beads jewelry and from other materials, popularization of handwork, supporting of masters and designers. Average attendance at the exhibition 6000-7000 people for three days.

Nominations of the contest: 

Nomination 1 – theme “Legends of Ancient Greece”

Seed beads. Items of personal jewellery, accessories  (rings, earrings, brooches, pins, bracelets, necklaces, pendants, lockets, chains, etc, bags, etc). Technique is not limited.
The materials have to include not less than 60% of seed beads.

Nomination  2 – theme “Legends of Ancient Greece”
Materials mixed with seed beads. Items of personal jewellery, accessories (wire, crystals, metalliferous clay, leather, soutache, fabric, synthetic and natural fibers, polymer clay, lampwork).
Technique is not limited. The materials have to include not less than 20% of seed beads and beads.

Nomination  3 -  theme “Alpha and Omega”
Art objects and souvenirs (sculpture, flower arrangements, toys, boxes, jewellery boxes, souvenirs, etc). Technique is not limited. The materials have to include not less than 20% of seed beads and beads.

Nomination 4 – theme “New life of well-known design
Author`s recast. Write the author of the design or the author of the workshop used in this work. Technique is not limited. The materials have to include not less than 20% of seed beads and beads.

Contest prizes

If there are less than 7 participants in one nomination – the winners are not awarded.
Five works of the finalists will be presented  at the Exhibition in Birmingham “Craft Hobby+Stitch International” , which will be held from February 16, 2014 till February 18, 2014.

For nomination #1, 2, 3
1 st place - $100
2 nd place - $50
3 rd place - certificate for materials of  “MirtGroup”  (equivalent $25)

For nomination #4
1 st place - $100
2 nd, 3 rd place – gifts from TK “Furniture”


1.    The work must be original in design.
2.    The organizer receives information from the participants as credible and is not responsible for any errors in the application of the participants.
3.    Each work must have a name.
4.    Organizers can move the contest works in other nominations. If your work not compliance with the terms of the contest you can be disqualified without refund of participation.
5.    The works have be made in 2012-2013
6.    Not allowed the works took prizes in other contests.
7.    “Fashion Magazine - Fashion Handmade” has the right to publish your works in our magazine. The author has not right to publish the photos in other print and online publications before the publication in the magazine.

Application and participation fee

1.    An application can have free form, including:
-    full name
-    full address
-    phone number, e-mail, web site
-    nomination, the amount of work, name of work, price for sale
-    a list of the material used (size of the cabochon, size of seed beads, size of beads, soutache and other materials)
-    a reference to the use of the designs (write Internet resource, the name of the print edition (#of issue, year of publication), name of the work, author of publication)
-    photograph of participant
-    The essay. The theme “Me and my creativity”
2.    Each participant can present not more than 4 works in different categories or in one category.
3.    Participation fee $40.
4.    If you want more than 4 works you have to pay
$5 for each work.
5.    Participation fee based on the invoice of organizer.

Special conditions
1.    For magazine subscribers in 2013 (a copy of the receipt for subscription for 12 issues) – discount 50%.
2.    Discount 10% for participants of the previous contests.
3.    Discount 10% for participation in the Exhibition “Masters` Golden Hands”
4.    All works can be sold. The author determines the price (including 10% for organizing committee).

Photo requirements:
1.    At least three photos of each work (close-up details, back side, general plan)
2.    The image must be clear, light and solid background (preferably white or light grey)
3.    Digital photos with a resolution 300 dpi (JPG or TIFF). The size of the file with a photo has to be at least 1 megabyte.
4.    You can send CD photos.
Documents and photos organizer will not return.

Applications and photos participant have to send till October 1, 2013.
E-mail: Write name and surname and name of the contest in the subject line.

Works delivery

1.    Participant has to deliver and remove his or her works by himself/herself.  
2.    Installation: October 1, 2013 from 3.00 p.m. till 8.00 p.m. Dismantling: October, 20 from 5.00 p.m. till 6.00 p.m.
3.    You can send your work by post.

Mailing address: Fashion Magazine, 02100, Kiev PO Box 99.
All works have been received not later than October 14, 2013. All works will be sent back not later than November 4, 2013 (transfer price have to pay the author).

Yuriy Shumanskyi
Editor-in-chief of the “Fashion Magazine” – “Fashion Handmade”