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    Dear readers!
    With regard to acquisition of all previous issues of the magazine in Europe, North and South America, Israel etc.:

    You can order them in editorial board.

    The magazines are sent by a registered letter. The patterns and descriptions are given to the works placed in any issue. All issues are in Russian.

    The cost of delivery per 1 issue is 5 USD for foreign countries.
    For prepayment of your order you may use:

    The UNIStream transfer (it is necessary to indicate address of a bank department).
    Passport is series ЕМ № 943786, issued on 11-th of July, 2009.

    The transfer recipient is J.V. Shumansky.

    In Praveks-Bank, 02105, Kiev, Mira avenue, 5.
    The MoneyGram transfer

    Here is information about terminals all over the world. You should just open the contacts, choose country and city of a sender and it will show addresses of terminals for sending and receiving of transfers.



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