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X International salon Fashion doll




On October 16­18, 2015 “Fashion Magazine” editorial Board organized the X International Doll Salon “Fashion Doll”, held in the International Exhibition Centre, Kiev.

Visitors could plunge into the world of the dolls, beauty and imagination. 

Art of dolls creativity becomes more and more popular every year not only in Ukraine but all over the world. There are many fans and admirers of the author’s and exclusive doll.

Works of the 235 artists and masters of dolls and Teddy bears were presented on the X International Doll Salon “Fashion Doll”. All of these artists were from Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Belgium and USA.

As part of the Exhibition there were held dolls creating classes from famous artists. There were presented works of doll contest participants as a separate exposition. 

On October 17 was the official ceremony of annunciation the results of the contest, where the Editorial Board awarded the winners and participants. The winners of the contest became Marina Frolova for the original suit and LudmilaLunenko for the original image. “Fashion Magazine” Editorial Board congratulates the winners and participants.

 International Doll Salon “Fashion Doll” is an important and a unique phenomenon in the creative life of Ukraine. The Exhibition of dolls becomes popular and famous all over the world every year. See you at the next XI International Doll Salon «Fashion Doll» which will be held on April 15­17, 2016.