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Bead and Button Show - 2014, USA

Editorial Board of “Fashion Magazine”­“Fashion Handmade” the fifth time took part in “Bead and Button Show­2014”, that was held on June 4-­8, 2014.

The Bead&Button Show was located at the Wisconsin Center in downtown Milwaukee, Wisconsin from 2000. It is the largest beading exhibition and materials for jewelers and original jewelry show.
More than 14000 visitors come to the show during 13 days. There were held 700 classes.
The Show was attended by representatives of 50 states and of 40 countries. 
We have presented the works of the winners of the International contest “Fairy Beads­2014”, which took place in Kiev in April.
Among them the works of Elena De­riab­kina, Ekaterina Gezey, Elena Osokina, Anastasiya Sarantseva, Nadezhda Gerber.
Also were presented works of Olena Vietrova – editor of “Fashion magazine” and of Tatiana Popova – ribbon embroidery artist.
Ukraine Exhibit has attracted considerable interest of visitors and exhibitors.
We invited many participants to visit our Show, which will be held on October 17–19 in Kiev.
Many thanks to the organizers – “KALM­BACH PUBLISHING CO.”, an American publisher of books and magazines, Marlene D. Vail – events marketing manager and also ADAM WOLTER – president of the company “PJ Tool & SUPPLY”.