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    XI International Contest «Beaded exclusive-2018» Kyiv

     XI International Contest «Beaded exclusive-2018» Kyiv


    We invite you to participate in an open international contest for jewellery designers` «Beaded exclusive-2018».

    Designers from all countries can take part in the contest. The participants of the final part, chosen by sent photos, will be invited to take part in the final of the contest, that will be held as a part of the International exhibition «Masters` golden hands» on April, 13-15, 2018 in Kyiv (15 Brovarsky Ave., International Exhibition Center, Hall #1C). The works of the finalists will be exhibited by separate exhibition.


    THEME OF THE CONTEST  “Spring eclecticism”


    Nominations of the contest:

    Nomination 1

    «Seed beads» Items of personal jewellery, accessories (rings, earrings, brooches, pins, bracelets, beads, pendants, necklaces, lockets, chains, handbags).

    Technique is not limited. The materials have to consist of not less than 70% of seed beads.

    Nomination 2

    «Seed beads with other materials» Items of personal jewellery, accessories (rings, earrings, brooches, pins, bracelets, necklaces, pendants, lockets, chains, handbags).

    Technique and materials are not limited. The materials have to include not less than 20% of seed beads.

    Nomination 3 

    «Art objects and souvenirs» (sculpture, flower compositions, toys, boxes, jewellery boxes, souvenirs).

    Technique is not limited. The materials have to include not less than 50% of seed beads and beads. 

    Criteria of evaluation the works

    1. The author`s design, originality of this design

    2. Skill, quality and professionalism of designing

    3. Skill level

    4. Compositional solution (3D-effects and creativity are encouraged)

    5. The amount of used techniques

    6. A harmonious decision in the selection of colours and materials

    Prizes of the contest

    If the number of works in the category is less than 5 and number of participants is less than 4 – there is no winners.


    Winners of the contest will be awarded with valuable prizes from contest sponsors.

    1.      “Mirt Group” Ltd

    -          certificate for the 1 place – 1000 UAH,

    -          certificate for the 2,3 place – 500 UAH

    Requirements for filling of applications and photos of works:

    1. The organizer receives information from participants as a reliable and is not responsible for any errors in the participants` applications.

    2. Each work must have a title and refer to a specific category.

    3. The organizers of the contest can change the works`category to another, in case of non-compliance with the terms of the contest or the work can be disqualified without refunding of fee participation.

    4. Only the works made in 2017-2018 are allowed to take part in the contest.

    5. The works that have already taken prizes in other contests are not allowed to take part.

    6. Filling the application, the author agrees with the terms of publishing the works in the magazine «Fashion Handicraft» and guarantees not to publish the photos in other prints and

    online before publication in the magazine.

    7. Filling of applications for the contest doesn’t have any specific form, but point out:

    - fill the application for each work particularly (form of application).

    - photos of work (top and back side, close-up pictures of the details),

    - photo of participant.

    8. Requirements for photos:

    - not less than 3-4 photos of each work (the general plan, back side, close-up photos of top and back side of details),

    - image must be clear, light, one-colour, solid background (preferably white, light grey),

    - digital photos with a resolution of 300 dpi, format - JPG or TIFF. The size of the file with a photo is at least 1Mb,

    - when applying by mail, you can send photos by CD. Organizer will not return the sent documents and photos.


    Cost of participation

    1. The participation fee in the contest - 300 UAH (2 works), 500 UAH (3-5 works).

    2. Payment for participation according to the invoice.

    3. Payment must be done not later than April, 12, 2018.


    Special conditions:

    1. For subscribers of the magazine in 2018 (a copy of the receipt of the subscription for 12 issues) there is  20% discount on participation.

    2. 10% discount for the participants of previous contest “Fairy Beads-2017».

    3. All works, nominees of the contest, can be offered for sale according to participant request with an extra charge of 10% in favour of the Organizing Committee. The author determines the price of the work. 


    Applications and photos of the work have to be sent till April, 5, 2018 inclusive.

    E-mail for letters and applications: < >, name of the contest and surname of the participant must be mentioned in emails subject (BE, Full name).


    Works delivery

    1. Participant has to deliver and remove his or her works by himself/herself or by a trustee on his own.

    2. Installation – April 12 from 3.00 p.m. to 6.00 p.m. Dismantling – April 15, from 5.00 p.m. to 6.00 p.m.

    3. You can send your works by post to

    «Fashion Handicraft»,

    02100, Kyiv, PO Box 99.

    or by “Nova Poshta”, Kyiv, office #71

    Addressee Ivantsiv Petro Mykhailovytch

    Tel. +38 068 100 35 59

    All works must be received till April, 10.

    Shipping cost is paid by the author.


    Yuriy Shumanskyi

    Editor-in-chief of the «Fashion Handicraft» magazine


    Application for participation in the contest «Beaded exclusive-2018»

    Full name of author*


    Postal address (for sending the magazines with publications)








    Work`s name*


    Size of the work (composition) cm*


    Materials (size of seed beads, beads, sequins and cabochons, wire calibre), quantity (length)*


    Essay "I and my creativity"*


    Link of workshops and schemes (mention website link, prints (# of issue, year of publication), work`s name, author)


    Price, UAH**



    A separate file

    - participant`s photo,

    - photo of the work (top, back side, close-up picture of details).


      * All fields are required.

    ** Identify a price, taking into account 10% of commission.

         If the work is not for sale, write – «Not For Sale»