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Designers are invited to take part in the creative contest.

 Designers are invited to take part in the creative contest.

The special nomination of the XI International contest “Fairy beads” - «Les Perles par Puca®». 

The organiser of the contest the Fashion Handicraft magazine.
The sponsor of the nomination - «Les Perles par Puca®»
The topic of the contest “Spring eclectics”.
(Rings, earrings, brooches, pins, bracelets, bead-necklaces, pendants, necklaces, lockets, chains, handbags).
To take part in the contest you need to present a work in which seed beads «Les Perles par Puca®» are used.
Use not less than 20% of seed beads and beads «Les Perles par Puca®» for designing. 
You can order beads for work and preparation to the contest at authorized representatives in the shops:
For the winners of the nomination «Les Perles par Puca® » gives such presents:
1 place in the nomination - 2000g of seed beads «Puca® beads» (2 kg)
2 place in the nomination - 1500g of seed beads «Puca® beads» (1.5 kg)
3 place in the nomination - 1000g of seed beads «Puca® beads» (1 kg)
4 place in the nomination – 500g of seed beads «Puca® beads» (0.5 kg)
The final part of the contest, announcement of the contest results will be held from 13 till 15 April.
The works of the finalists will be presented on the exhibition “Handicraft. Business &Hobby” in April, 13-15 as a part of the contest exposition.
All other conditions, deadlines, procedures of work delivery, admission according to the general conditions of the “Fairy beads” contest are on our website.
Send applications and photos of the works until 2 April, 2018 inclusive. Email for letters and applications, write the name of the contents and a surname of participant in the title (FB, participant’s name).

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