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Fashion Handicraft #10(2017)

 Fashion Handicraft #10 2017


  • Gallery-contest "Drawing by the seed beads" invites you to take part! 
  • Fantasy jewelleries by Anastasiya Oryshchenko (Budy, Kharkiv region) in the headings “Exclusive” and “Brightful weekdays” 
  • Maria Osmachko`s (Kharkiv, Ukraine) set with the beaded beads that everyone can combine and to make a jewellery with their own unrepeatable design
  • Different necklaces with beaded flowers, because it’s never enough flowers in any time of year, do you agree with us? 
  • Necklace “Juno” with the flowers which has detailed instruction to make in the “Beading academy” heading
  • Extramural beading academy:  lesson #5 "Herringbone/ Ndebele stitch" (part 15).
  • Works by contestants of the "Fairy Beads" children`s contest: irises and violet clearing
  • Workshop by "Fairy Moment" company: Photo frame “Zenit E”
  • The image of the moth: Ethno necklaces by Elena Marakhuina and soutache necklaces by Natalia Orlova
  • Art-quilt: Rodivilova Tatiana
  • Name of the issue: Music in Carolyn Cave`s beads 
  • Subscription-2018 to the “Fashion handicraft” just began
  • Figures, pictures, detailed instructions to the jewelleries and accessories 
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