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Fashion Handicraft #07(2017)



- Reportage: XVI International trade show «Craft.Business and Hobby» in Kharkiv, Ukraine

- Exclusive necklace in soutage technique by Natalia Orlova (Odesa, Ukraine)

- Continuation of the theme about flowers in the beaded necklaces and pendants 

- Brightful collection of the authors gerdans by Natalia Artukhova (Oleksandriya, Ukraine) and detailed instruction to the basic principles of loom weaving

- Unusual children s jewelleries from beading club from Chernianka village (Kahovka region). This jewelleries took part in the IV contest «Fairy beads»

- Extramural beading academy:  lesson #5 «Herringbone/ Ndebele stitch» (part 12).

- News from the catwalk shows: collection of the children s jewelleries by club «Beading Floristics» from Budy village (Kharkiv region)

- Workshop by «Fairy Moment» company: Frame for photos

- Name of the issue: Lina Sand s beading stories

- The image of the month: Mariya Klimova

- Art-quilt: Alla Bezhevets

- Figures, pictures, detailed instructions to the jewelleries and accessories

- Embroidered necklaces

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