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2nd International Doll Show ‘Collectible Doll’ and 3rd International Art, Hobby and Handmade Show `Handwork`


2nd International Doll Show ‘Collectible Doll’
3rd International Art, Hobby and Handmade Show `Handwork`

Works of doll artists from different countries, made of different materials were presented at the largest Show in Central Asia.   
Soft and national toys, miniature and wood sculptures were exhibited at the Show. Visitors could find characters from different fairy tales. Various doll`s classes took place as well.
Each doll is unique and individually. That`s why they have always attracted attention. It is the second International Doll Show ‘Collectible Doll’, but at first it is such a large scale.
International Cultural Fund ‘World Dolls’ brought the works of artists from Japan, Lithuania, Estonia. Many russian artists presented their works themselves.
Olga Lakhina, executive director of the Cultural Fund ‘World Dolls’, says that art dolls is developing around the world. There are also doll artists in Kazakhstan, but nowadays not so much.   
During the 3rd Internationa Art, Hobby and Handmade Show ‘Handwork’, the 1st International contest ‘Beaded Fairy Tale’, was going on.  
Fifty five masters from Kazakhstan, Russia and Buryatia presented 112 unique bead works on the Show.
The jury noted that the works were impressive and wonderful as for the first contest. Masters showed not only various techniques but also creative ingenuity. The masters transformed beads into works of art before our eyes. Works of the winners were presented at the International Festival ‘Artbiser’. On May 17-20, 2012 the Festival took place in Moscow.   
The organizer of the contest is online shop from Kazakhstan. It presented handwork materials, Toho Japanese seed beads, beads, stones and findings.